Ocean of Sounds
Time Schedule and Registration
The training is recommendable for all who want to achieve a clear understanding for rhythm and movement structures within a competent and pedagogically well structured training.
The training imparts both aspects of rhythm - dancing and drumming - as a unit.
  • The basic training comprises 22 weekends spread over two years.
  • The offered themes will be trained in parallel - as far as possible - in the two areas dancing and drumming
  • The completion of the two-year training is certificated - participation in at least 80 percent of the training courses .
The successfully completed training enables participants:
  • to dance Afro-Brazilian rhythms and play it on different instruments.
  • to use the gained knowledge and skills in bands and samba groups - an access to musical performances.
  • to impart the basics of Afro-Brazilian dances to children.
The training also promotes the development of personality through the media music and dance. The way of learning mirrors one's own life and thus challenges the human being in its entireness.

After completing the basic training we recommend a third year:
Advanced training as a group leader in the Rhythm-Consciousness-Method

The third advanced year is appropriate for:
- those, who have completed the basic training
- participants of previous "Project Rhythm"-trainings
- music teachers, music therapists, dancing teachers etc., who have experience in dancing and drumming and want to deepen their knowledge and skills.

the advanced training enables participants:
- to work in the rhythm-consciousness-method with groups.
- to a firm and bodily anchored understanding of rhythm and dance.
- to gain pedagogical abilities for leading seminars.

Pre-condition for the third year is the participation in the selective course, which aims at forming a group of a similar level.

Training Tuition: Fee for a weekend is 170,-. Payment is required via bank transfer.
For both, basic and advanced training, a conga is needed. For the first weekend we can provide instruments on loan.

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