Ocean of Sounds
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Rhythm changes your life ...

Rhythm is joy of living, an energy that grounds us and provides security. To be in rhythm is sensuality and the art to combine calmness and concentration.

Leaving oneself to the flow of rhythm and to the intuition while dancing and drumming, - now - entirely at presence and within one's body, yet, at the same time being linked with the energy of clearness is an expanded state of mind. Rhythm frees the soul and brings about greater ease and flexibility into life. It opens our playful and creative potential, helps us to find our centre, leads to deep insights and strengthens our self-confidence. The group and the clear structure of rhythm makes us feel integrated into a greater order and inspires us to trust something new and experience learning as a pleasure.

The next introductory weekend for RhythmConsciousness is starting in Finning on November 1/2, 2014, fee 170,- Euro -.


CD "Suara" Roxana dances "Yansá - Goddess of the Wind
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