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... how it came:

I was born and raised in Brazil. A country in which dancing is an every-day part of life. Everywhere the radio is on. They enthusiastically sing along and often, while working, their feet take off on their own and their bodies have to swing. When I was nine years old, a car knocked me down in front of my house. By a hairbreadth I lost my left leg. Confined to my bed as a lively child, I suddenly realized how precious and beautiful it is to move. I found out that it was not for granted. After the accident I couldn't do three steps without circling, jumping or tripping inbetween. My joy of moving couldn't be stopped. My parents liked it to have a cheerful child at home jumping around, but they slowly started to worry if I was fine. So they made a decision for which I will always be deeply grateful: They enrolled me in a samba school! Of course I still jumped and hopped around, yet my bright and happy face after each rehearsal confirmed them that they made the best decision.
In this atmosphere I created my first vision: I wanted to become a dancer! What started with joy and ease became my source of life. At the age of thirteen I started three trainings at the same time: Afro, Modern Dance and Jazz.
School in the mornings, dancing studio in the afternoons and courses for the development of psychical powers in the evenings: telepathy, healing through laying on of hands, energising water and plants etc.. At that time it was very difficult for me to fulfil my school duties. I was in a dance flush!

The fact that my marks were a catastrophe didn't impress me at all.
What were bad marks against the pleasurable feeling after dancing courses: being overhappy, soaked with sweat, light and full of energy.
Moreover, I deeply respected the stick with which my Jazz teacher corrected our posture.
At that time, several dancing groups came into being for which I composed the choreographies and organised different dancing events.
My vision became reality.

In 1986 I came to Germany for six months. In the meantime six months have turned into 17 years. During the first years I tried to overcome my difficulties with the German language. Not to mumble, pronouncing "Kreisverwaltungsreferat" (local administration department in Munich) without hyper ventilating, not using a vocal change, where there is none like in the word "Auftritt" - in Brazil pronunciation "Auftritschi". Practicing "ö" and "ü" for hours. For this I tried to pronounce precisely the letters "o" and "e", which sounded like oooo…eeee…ööööö….
At the same time I studied "the German way of thinking". In order to teach in Germany I had to learn the way Germans were thinking. So, I was able to impart what I was thinking. It sounds easy, but it can lead to great misunderstandings in dancing lessons.
After I had acted a few years as a dancer and dancing teacher, after numerous performances in Germany and abroad and in the meantime mother of two children, I felt the urge for knowing more about human beings, about the body, the psyche and their relation.
I sensed that a lot of exciting secrets waited to be disclosed. I have opened up new paths and a new journey began:

since 1993 Leader of "Project Rhythm Dancing and Drumming"
1995 "Project Rhythm" - performance at the opening of the theatre Landsberg
1996 Training in Chakra harmonization, aura reading and healing by transferring energy,
Birth of my second child
1997 Four year Training in Core Energetics developed by Dr. John Pierrakos,
Two year training in medial advice
1998 "Tanz der Trommeln" (The Drums' Dance) Duo Performance with Thomas Ach
2000 International Festival de Danca Contemporanea in San Luis Potosí/Mexico,
"Pleasure Dance Night" with Thomas Ach, Martin Seeliger, Angelika Vizedum, Thomas Stötzer, Borel de Souza
2001 Training in sports and foot massage,
Directing the rehearsals of "Afoxé Loni" in Munich for the performance at the Carnival of Cultures in Berlin,
"Rebento"-Performance with Thomas Ach and Project Rhythm students
2004 Participation in the Condomble-Performance "O encontro dos Orixás" with Dudu Tucci and Murah Soares

Furthermore numerous trainings in Afro-Brazilian dances, dances of the Orixás (Afro-Brazilian deities) and in the areas mentioned above.

I want to thank all people supporting me on my way. Special thanks to my parents, to Thomas, to a lot of teachers and last but not least to our children Djamila and Morina.
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