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Thomas Ach is musician, teacher, composer, nonmedical practitioner and body therapist. After his music studies at the Richard Strauss Conservatorium in Munich, his passion for rhythm and drumming made him journey to Morocco, India, Nepal, Bali, Cuba and, above all, to his second home Brazil. Looking for the sounds of these music cultures, he studied rhythm as the connecting element of drumming, dancing and singing.

On the basis of body experience he has taught music for 25 years in Europe, India, Mexico and the US.

1985 Foundation of the first Samba school "lleaye" in Munich and organization of the training "Project Rhythm"
since 1989 Advanced trainings with Dudu Tucci
1988 Foundation of "lleaye - Ethnic Melodic Percussion"
1991-1995 Core Energetics Therapy Training with Dr. John Pierrakos
1992 Participation in the Percussion Ensemble "Canyon",
Birth of Djamila
1993-1994 Ensemble "Musikalische Weltreise" (Musical Journey Around the World) with Rudi Zapf and Evelyn Huber
1995 Certification through Bavarian health department as nonmedical practitioner,
"Project Rhythm" - performance at the opening of the theatre Landsberg,
"The Night of 1.000 Chords" Concert in the Munich Philharmonic-Hall with the "Never been There Orchestra"
since 1995 "Ocean of Sounds" as solo, duo or trio with special guest musicians
1996 Birth of Morina
1997 Music spectacle "Der Wert ist das Ziel" (The Aim is Value) for BMW
1998 "Tanz der Trommeln" (The Drums' Dance) with Roxana Jaffé
1999 "Ocean of Sound" CD production
2000 International Festival de Danca Contemporanea in San Luis Potosí/Mexico,
"Pleasure Dance Night" with Roxana Jaffé, Martin Seeliger, Angelika Vizedum, Thomas Stötzer, Borel de Souza,
Concert "Ocean of Sounds" with Gerd Kötter in the Lukaskirche (Lukas Church) Munich
since 2001 Training for PBSP-therapist with Albert Pesso
2001 "Rebento"-Performance with Roxana Jaffé and Project Rhythm students
2002 Directing the rehearsals of "Afoxé Loni" in Munich for the performance at the Carnival of Cultures in Berlin
2003 CD presentation "Suara" at the Lukaskirche (Lukas Church) with Gerd Kötter and Ardhi Engl,
Start of the 17th "Project Rhythm"
2004 Drummer at the Condomble-Performance "O encontro dos Orixás" with Dudu Tucci and Murah Soares

Thomas Ach lives together with Roxana Jaffé and their two daughters in Diessen at the Ammersee (lake in Upper Bavaria).
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